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Fireworks All at Once

Ralph Barsi
Jul 4, 2022


It was July 4, 2012.
A MAJOR malfunction happened in San Diego.
7,000 fireworks lit at one time.

The show ended in less than a minute.
It was scary and comical at the same time.
Many salespeople light all THEIR fireworks at once, too.

Without investing time and energy in researching or engaging their audience, they unleash an arsenal of ambiguous noise about their company, their products, and themselves.

• They ramble without establishing conversation flow.
• They pitch right after connecting with us on LinkedIn.
• They email us despite our unsubscribes.

We smell it from a mile away.

Those kinds of fireworks shows force us to roll-up the blankets, pack the bags, and head home.Instead, we want shows that will include space between each explosion, allowing us time to adore, process, talk about, and share the value…



Ralph Barsi

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