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5 Principles to Help You Move Forward

There are great days and good days. Rough patches appear, though, too.

These five principles may help you Keep. Moving. Forward.

1. “Get serious about your career. Decide to be a big success in everything you do.” Brian Tracy

This quote holds us accountable to maintaining high standards. My career started in 1994 but I approach each day as if it’s Day 1, but knowing what I know now.

• Read (and then write about) three books relevant to your current role
• Measure your progress (or lack thereof) daily
• Act as if you’re a role or two ahead of the one you’re in

2. “Success is something you attract by becoming an attractive person.” Jim Rohn

Success is not something you pursue. The more value you add to the marketplace, the more valuable you become. This way, your positive effect can reach a wider audience.

• Enliven your digital presence: exist online, be findable, and share insightful content
• Hustle until you no longer have to introduce yourself
• Build a macro brand (your industry, your company) and a micro brand (your team, your peers)

3. “You’re not here to survive this, you’re here to take charge of it.” BUD/S Instructor, US Navy SEALs

This quote reminds us to lead, take initiative, and not always wait for instruction.

If you’re not compelled to accomplish the mission, it’s time to put yourself in check. Revisit why you’re there in the first place. Otherwise, you’re doing everyone around you a disservice.

• Treat your role and responsibilities as your business within the business
• Own, cultivate, and drive your business
• Lead by example — attitude, aptitude, and action

4. “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” Steve Prefontaine

This quote says you’re here for a reason. You have unique gifts and strengths that are wasted if they’re not shared.

• Like attracts like
• Practice visualization and imagery to find your flow state, your Zone
• You are always setting an example — people ARE watching

5. Student: “Master, I’m discouraged.” Master: “Encourage others.” Zen proverb

This proverb needs no explanation.

Keep. Moving. Forward.




Leading the worldwide sales development organization @ServiceNow, Board Member @GableHeartBeats, drummer @seguesounds, happy guy.

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Ralph Barsi

Ralph Barsi

Leading the worldwide sales development organization @ServiceNow, Board Member @GableHeartBeats, drummer @seguesounds, happy guy.

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